And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.
-Por que as pessoas boas escolhem as pessoas erradas?
"N贸s aceitamos o amor que achamos que merecemos."

As vantagens de ser invis铆vel


Calzona Vrs Paily.
馃毢馃毢 馃挓 馃毢馃毢
馃憡馃憡 馃挭馃挭


I love this because you see several different responses from the cast. You鈥檝e got Jessica laughing and smiling acting all perky then you have Sara smirking and trying not to laugh. You have Chyler smiling slightly in the back there. Then you have Ellen looking on and smiling slightly next to Sandra who is smirking and then you have Justin who you see right in the bottom left hand corner who laughs putting his hand over his mouth to cover it. It鈥檚 just really nice to see them all.


When you stub your toe



it鈥檚 in your lips, and in your kiss
it鈥檚 in your touch, and your fingertips聽